1. Thank you Thomas Raukamp. 


  2. Now you can listen to all my music on Spotify:



  3. "This 36.5-minute piece is for piano and subtle electronics, with tons of room left for that Cage-esque moment of Zen contemplation in the space and time between notes. Earlyguard’s note selection is quite exquisite and the eerie electronic touches only enhance the experience. If he keeps this up, the classical music establishment might have to start taking him seriously!"


  4. "Never before has the artist succumbed to such a minimal diorama. A piano and threatening silence are all there is, making Largo one of ’em p(i)anoramas that are labeled with Modern Classical or electro-acoustic tags. But when compared to the artist’s cosmos it is situated in, Largo is much more while being much less, turning away all the kaleidoscopic synths of today in order to delineate the amalgamation of phantom frequencies, micro tones and hidden timbres within a strikingly murky realm."


  5. "Personally I don’t know if the man behind [ Earlyguard ] is shifting on to a new musical direction or this is just an exploration to other avenues but from subtle drone to experimental-classic this is indeed quite a shift. Beautiful indeed though."

  6. New album “Largo” available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Bandcamp.

    "Largo, a very slow tempo, or a musical piece or movement in such a tempo." 


  7. "Alterations" by Earlyguard is a fantastic longform soundscape which is more in keeping with a soundtrack than a longform drone. He has certainly upped the bar for the other longformers out there … and made what could possibly be his best recording yet.

    Check out the complete review of Alterations at Headphonaught’s Nanolog.


  8. Alterations is a twofold title, referring to both the intrinsic progressions of the very piece it is adhered to, and Earlyguard’s overarching vision. The topic therefore crosses the music-related boundary of this specific track and invites the follower of Tom Frühwacht’s aural assemblies to put them to the test. Enigmatic arcana have always played a big part in Earlyguard’s music, and this emotion remains the well-known pillar in-between the superfluid of newly arranged tone sequences.” 

    Check out this friendly review of Alterations at AmbientExotica.

  9. New album “Alterations” now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp.


    "In fact, it’s debatable whether this is an ambient album at all. I’m a big fan of mid-20th century avant-garde composers, and that’s what this most closely represents. By that I mean particularly two key composers, Feldman and Ligeti. The use of vibraphone- and bell-type sounds, dissonant but organized, is very redolent of Feldman’s gentle and spacious pieces like “Rothko Chapel“…" 

    "Alterations is a special release, no doubt about that. There is hope throughout the 45 minutes duration that does shift you from one state of mind to another in an exquisite manner. As someone who is exposed to this particular drone(ness) and abstract(ness) on a regular daily basis, I personally digest every bit of awesome(ness) Alterations has to offer on a single listen alone." 


  10. "No one asked me to listen to this, I just felt like it. Earlyguard and Scott Lawlor are two of the finer ambient composers kicking around these days, so a collaboration between the two was bound to be good. Earlyguard does a ton of great long-form work, while Lawlor is more of a dabbler with successes in a few ambient subgenres. This 45-minute long-form track is everything you want in a pure ambient piece, a nice bed of bass drone with shifting pads skipping in a shiny fashion over the top. About 3/4 of the way through, very Steve Roachy sequencing kicks in to provide a rhythmic element. Shimmery, shiny, lovely lighter ambient that I will be playing with regularity. A nice one indeed from the We Are All Ghosts netlabel."

    Check out the Marrch Netaudio Revue 2 from Make Your Own Taste

  11. New album “Abstraction” out now on We are all Ghosts netlabel. This work is a collaboration with Scott Lawlor. You are very welcome to download this album on Archive.org and Bandcamp.

    When Scott asked me for a collaboration last October it was (as always) a very busy time for me. So I was quite happy to find some free time for working on this piece in the very beginning of January. It was a pleasure to work with Scott and I’m very happy that he likes the result as much as I do. 

    And fortunately Thomas Mathey was giving us the opportunity to place this work on his fantastic netlabel!

    Here are the official liner notes from We are all Ghosts:

    "I am proud to present "Abstraction (waag_rel043)" … 45 minutes of longform ambient joy. 

    I have a lot of love for the music of both Scott Lawlor and Earlyguard, so you can imagine I was very quick to respond in the positive when I was approached about releasing a collaboration that they had in the works … I didn’t think it would be as good as “Abstraction” is. 

    This is music for both the head and the heart, a late-night hit of somatic bliss that, in equal measure, inspires and comforts. 

    I hope you will enjoy this piece as much as I have. 

    An MP3 version of this album is available for free on Archive or a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’ which does include £0 … and remember, paying supporters on Bandcamp also get unlimited mobile access to the album using the free Bandcamp listening app. 

    If you do decide to download this album for free then all we ask in return is that you tell your friends, tweet a link or post it on Facebook, write a review and spread the word.”

    Released on 10th February 2014 
    Music by Scott Lawlor & Earlyguard 
    Design by Earlyguard 
    Logistics by Thomas Mathie


  12. "Earlyguard is quite prolific in producing his series of long-form, single-track ambient albums, but the frequency of these releases in no way seems to detract from their quality. I’ve covered a couple of previous ones, and this one is just as impressive. Interestingly, Possible World has a positive title but I personally find the tone of this drone a bit more melancholy than the previous ones I’ve heard. Hence it’s my favourite. It’s a masterful drone of sonorous synths, sparse yet rich and ethereal. Definitely something Roach and Brennan fans should be chomping at the bit to hear, so get on that Earlyguard train right now! Long-form classic-style ambient does not get better than this."

    Check out the January Netaudio Revue 2 from Make Your Own Taste 

  13. New album “Possible World” now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Bandcamp.

    "The term "possible world" goes back to Leibniz’s theory of possible worlds, used to analyse necessity, possibility, and similar modal notions. Modal realism is the view, notably propounded by David Kellogg Lewis, that all possible worlds are as real as the actual world. In short: the actual world is regarded as merely one among an infinite set of logically possible worlds, some "nearer" to the actual world and some more remote. Other theorists may use the Possible World framework to express and explore problems without committing to it ontologically. Possible world theory is related to alethic logic: a proposition is necessary if it is true in all possible worlds, and possible if it is true in at least one. The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is a similar idea in science." 

    More information about the possible world theory: 


  14. Earlyguard fortunately overcame the state of delivering Ambient music that is based on personal backgrounds, simple-minded states of nature and other related phenomena. This is, if you will, erudite Ambient which thankfully functions on two different layers: it can be enjoyed without knowing the reason of its existence or the aesthetic driving factor, but the true key in understanding this work is by cherishing the explanatory notes.”

    Check out this friendly review of Isolation at AmbientExotica.

  15. Climate Change — The state of the science

    Produced by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and Globaia and funded by the UN Foundation for the launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report.

    The data visualization summarises several of the most significant statements in the IPCC’s latest summary for policymakers published September 2013. This summary covers the physical science basis of climate change. In 2014, IPCC will publish summaries concerning societal impacts, mitigation and adaptation.

    Download the IPCC Working Group I summary for policymakers here: 

    Owen Gaffney and Félix Pharand-Deschênes

    Félix Pharand-Deschênes

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    GEOS-5 atmospheric model
    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

    Suomi NPP VIIRS Nighttime Lights 2012
    Earth Observation Group, NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

    Landscan 2011tm High Resolution global Population Data Set
    UT-Battelle, LLC, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Blue Marble: Next Generation, Reto Stöckli
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    Continuo VII • Microcosmos • Mind over Matter

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